About Us

We are on a quest to spread Authentic Marketing ,so we may improve the Marketing Industry and contribute to the Marketing Science

Is to live in a world where the word ” Marketing”
has the word ” Authenticity” as a synonym.

  • Take initiatives and complete them.

  • Think inside the box first

  • Unlimited chance to each other as long as we're eager to change somthing

  • Learning is the best profit of all

Our Core Values

Our Team

Mohamed Rayan

Customer Relationship Designer

Favorite Pixar Character
Olaf, Frozen

Basant Nawar

UI/UX Designer

Favorite Pixar Character
Hops, Zootopia

Shehab Hassan

Marketing Automation & Analysis

Favorite Pixar Character
Anton Ego,  Ratatouille

Ahmed Saif

Content Director

Favorite Pixar Character
Remy  ,  Ratatouille

Hadil El Aidy

Full Stack Designer

Favorite Pixar Character
Vanellope,  Ralph


Content Creator

Favorite Pixar Character
Po ,  Kong Fu Panda

Culture Taboos

Don't Complain

Don't Blame

Don't Copy

Don't Surrender